IFDF Santhidhara Province, Delhi

Mariam Thresia, the Foundress of the congregation of the Holy Family was a beacon light to families. Jyothis, the IFDF under Shantidhara Province that came into existence on 6th August 2006 which gives new experience to the founder’s spirit through creative ministries.

This Institute gives leadership to facilitate and unify the family apostolate activities of the province.  Ever since, focus was given to the families through seminars, counseling sessions etc.

Seminars are conducted for the women folk, Couples and youth, classes are arranged on various health and social issues and for the better family life – family orientation classes, stress management.

Counseling is provided for individuals and families to cop up with their personal and family problems.

Jyothis, the institute of self-reliance is also designed to empower people with scientific knowledge and professional skills in self-help programmes.

Main objectives

  1. To provide students remedial & self-enhancing coaching.
  2. To equip youth with technical and relational skills
  3. To elevate women become current of society with liberated minds and earning hands.
  4. To enlighten individuals manage stress and face realities of life.
  5. To avail families bring wholeness and sacredness.

Jyothis dawns on the marginalized as empowerment and glows the locality with new life regardless of caste, creed, age and sex.

Attention is extended to Prison Ministry, legal aid for the marginalized, village outreach program like non formal school, awareness classes etc.

Vocational training given by us has a tremendous effect and so it helps people in the area to earn their livelihood in their possible means.

A group of trained sisters are regularly involved in home mission and insertion in different places. It has brought remarkable changes in the families to live in unity and peace and enhanced their spiritual realm.

Address: IFDF,Santhidhara Provincial House
Plot.No.767, Burari, Delhi - 84
Ph: 011-27616309