Counselling Centres

FATRI has a special wing for counselling with all the facilities.. People from far and wide visit the center to free themselves from problems caused by the complexity of the cyber civilization. They are helped by the qualified staff. They patiently listen to all kinds of problems and help the clients through relevant therapies and healing sessions. We search out every possibility to rescue our clients from the disasters they have fallen into. The clients get unfailing guidance and help to relieve themselves from their psychological distress.

The Centre follows an integrative model of counselling.

Individual and Group Counselling: These types of counseling are offered to individuals/groups who are affected with emotional, behavioral, work related or family related issues.

Couples Counselling: This type of counseling is available for individuals and couples struggling with difficulties in their relationships.

Family Counselling: This type of counseling is available for families (parents and children) with troubled relations or family conflicts.

Career Counselling: is available for those young people who are at the crossroads, having to make decisions on streams of study or on appropriate careers.

School and College Counselling: This service is available to schools and colleges on request. Specific programmes are developed based on the needs of the institution. This could include individual counselling, workshops, motivations and awareness classes, skills and techniques, etc.