IFDF - Bharatpur - Rajasthan (Marymatha Province)

In the year 1977, Holy Family sisters opened a house in Bharatpur, Rajastan State. Many dedicated sisters served the mission in various apostolates.

In the year 2011, 17th December God blessed to lay the foundation stone for IFDF. In the year 2013 on April 9th, Most. Rev.Aldert D’ Sousa the Arch Bishop of Agra blessed the building. It started function on   of June30, 2014.

Family oriented programs are conducted here. Home missions, orientation class for family apostolate, counseling for students and families, family visit prayer meetings, platform ministry, taking care of the destitute, income generating programs, awareness programs etc are the main activities here.


IFDF ,Holy Family Convent
Near St. Peters’ School
Bharatpur P.O., Rajasthan-State
Agra –Road, 321001.