Home Mission

We arrange home mission of fifteen days to one-month duration in different Dioceses, Parishes, or Villages. During their stay, they visit all the families and spend time on sharing life with them. The aim of the Home Mission is the wholistic development of individuals as well as families by deepening the faith of the people in the holy sacraments there by encouraging them to renew their families centered on Christ. According to the need of the time, we arrange intensive program in the families, such as awareness classes and value education programs, counseling services etc

  1. Family Visit: FATRI keeps visiting families and conduct different programs strengthening family bonds and individual development.
  2. Energizing team: FATRI also conducts programs for equipping energizing team of every province to work more efficiently in this field.
  3. FATRI conducts workshops for family counselors and family apostolate full timers
  4. FATRI offers time-to-time guidance to IFDF and DFA houses of the provinces.