Major Events

It has been more than 25 years since the FATRI was instituted. During these long years of development, it offered variety of programs and activities and FATRI stands as symbol of hope to the individuals and families. The major events took place during these years are listed here.

1985 – Designing of FATRI during General Synaxis of the congregation

1987 - Blessing of FATRI and starting of Family Apostolate Course for 3 months, a long cherished wish of the congregation.

1989 - Outset of first Home Mission

1992 – Starting of advanced course in Guidance and Counselling (ACGC)

1993 – Commencement of Basic Counselling Course in the provinces

2004 – Starting of B.psych in School Counselling (3 years of degree course, University of Calicut)

2005- Blessing of FATRI ANNEX

2005 – Beginning of Advanced Course in Family Apostolate (ACFA) for 1 year.

2008 – Starting of M.Sc Applied Psychology (PG course, Bharathiar University,Coimbatore)

2009 – Starting of B.Sc counseling Psychology (3 years of degree course, University of Calicut)

2011 – Starting of Family Apostolate Course at Gurgaon, Haryana (extension Service of FATRI)

2012 – Silver Jubilee celebrations of FATRI